child, but not child

Where the streets are struggling with shells and wrecks
And the sun; burns like the heat from a raging furnace 
He roamed the length of a strewn village 
Weary weak and without aim 

The rising of consummate fear reminds him of one standing order
As the rattling from afar revives a memory of ugly symphonies
And quickly he lay to earth. Waiting for his prey to emerge

Vigilant but without any thoughts
He retract a curved lever which propelled his wellbeing 
Rapidly, the clinkering shells surround him like a sea of fallen petals

Kill! Or be killed; a voice from within recapped relentlessly 
Relentlessly it did, to a boy turned soldier. 

Along the failed border of a troubled region 
Fear and tear is now every thing but rare 
Hope for peace is long gone with winds that brought war
And the air smells of a pungent reek from grief and constant death 
Helpless! And enslaved to hardship 
A poor child knows nothing nearly normal
As she watches the night expecting evil
The evil that boys not men effect
Evils of war and hatred 

Tucked away and safe from harm
The lush shrubs caressed her rough ebony skin
And while she yet repress unpleasant memories
The cold night's breeze refreshed her breath
But her soul must scream for help's interest 
Since sleep would not give her eyes rest

Soon; her silence eloped unwittingly 
Coming! Coming!! They are coming !!!
Announcing the return of a belligerent mob
A mob of friends turned foes.

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