Dear Satisfaction


My true friend and life long companion

It is with a heavy heart I write this apology. For I long to be with you again.

I know you taught me how Godliness with contentment is great gain

But; When the allure of her diadem,  griped my soul like the charm of Jezebel.

And her tempting appeal, ambushed my thoughts like an army of Zerubbabel

I betrayed you. I left you behind in denial.


Sadly, my thoughts of you have re-emerged as I’ve grown wearry of SUCCESS. 

The very one WE fought, prayed, and worked fervently for.

What I do now is wrestle grief and wreckless nostalgia;

As I seek my way back to you. That our love may blossom once again.


Although I’ll always befriend SUCCESS

I’ve learnt never to do it without your presence.

Because in the end, all I’m worth is nothing without you.

And the gifts you bless my heart with.



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