A while before defeat began to stare me right in the face. A little while before I knew for sure this should be the end; big things were falling in line. Old dreams were coming alive, and I could almost embrace that profound moment of “delight” already.

But tides changed.

Travail and company came calling. They came along dejection and cruelty; their beloved cohort.

Phew!! Being hopeful now is worse than foolishness. Give up and stop believing my molten heart rehearsed.

My body could not understand the pain they had come to cause. My brain could not translate the shock they create without pity. My soul could feel the pressure mounting from every second they overstayed their welcome.

The hope of surviving is plummeting. But giving up on these bastards was not meant be an option.

Even if I do hit the ground now, I might not break in pieces.

Failing translate to failure only when I quit the struggle? Don’t stop now I thought aloud. Keep believing I said to myself.

Or have you forgotten? that …HE maketh the storm a calm, so that the waves thereof are still. Psalm 107:29

You might be helpless; but never hopeless. Time heals all things if you always believe HE will guide you to that desired haven, and you will glow of gladness when it all grows calm.

HE stilled the storm to a whisper; and the waves of the sea were hushed….



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