back at me!!

I didn’t know how to explain myself to Philip.  He would not just believe; each time I tell him how he’s better off selling cement (in Naij), to starting afresh an immigrant.

So I thought to give him an idea of how the pictures more often available on the web can be misleading via e-mail. But he seemed to have had a better perspective of that idea. Here’s what transpired…



Guy!! Don’t blame this pictures when you arrive.

This is the shit hole you dream of.


Foolish boy! Don’t blame this picture when you return.

This is the paradise that surrounds it.

besides, if this is you…

I beg na who com be this? James Bond??

Lesson learnt.

Don’t ever discourage your friends. Some of them are not nice.

Surely!!! without a shadow of doubt, they will embarrass you.



2 thoughts on “back at me!!

  1. O boi! The shit hole you dream of. I can only chuckle at myself looking down that street :). It ought to be lined with gold but …

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