We've moved to www.beeslens.com

Hi every one, I am writing this post to thank you for your support over the years. To show my appreciation for every visit. And to spread my arms towards your embrace for being a follower.


Today however is the last day I will be posting any update on this domain. But that’s not the good news. So, have no fear.


The topic of this post is awkwardly a website. The reason is simple. The blogging will continue, so you haven’t lost a chance to read my posts. It’s just that you’ll have to come with me to a more private domain.

http://www.beeslens.com Folks, this is where I wish you all come over to. Bring with you your interests and subscriptions. Bring with you your love and kin attention. And together we could make this another success story.


Thank you for reading. And may the Gods which you serve always be in your favour.


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